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If your kids are quoting the RZA or GZA - Do Not Be Alarmed!
As I'm sure you know, RZA and GZA are members of the famous, sometimes infamous, rap group Wu-Tang Clan (an office favorite). While the lyrics, and certainly some of the language may cause some to blush, their message has become increasingly intelligent and poignant for youth culture. RZA is now a much sought after producer and pop icon for his unique vision, so much so that Quentin Tarrantino tapped him to produce the entire soundtrack to his epic movies Kill Bill Vols. One and Two.

Without choosing sides of the religion/spiritual battle, RZA, especially, is presenting many different spiritual paths in a tolerant and evocative style. Check out this article on Bodltype for more info. Don't let the kids get all the knowledge. My favorite lines: "Today, I'm not a Muslim. I'm not a Buddhist. I'm a student." Thus beginneth the lesson.

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