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Years ago, there was word that the Gap was developing a virtual shopping experience, where you could create your own body, and try on Gap clothing online. This was in the day where things like that weren't possible on the web - and people were all oohh and ahhh about the idea.

Well now, they've done it - but this isn't really about creating a virtual self. I don't need to see a virtual version of myself doing a strip tease. Nor would anyone else, I'm guessing. But I could watch a runway model with a large chest strip tease out of her Gap clothing. I'm just saying that I could. Not that I would.

So create a model - choose age, weight, hair color, chest size, eyebrows, and everything else. And she dances, too. They also have guy models, for those that are so inclined.

Thanks bill @ A&P, and adrants!

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