cereal. the next big thing.

I previously posted about Cereality - who is now opening their third store in Chicago, according to Adfreak. Well, check out this excellent collection of cheap ass cereals, from the cheap ass cereal hall of fame. My favorite is fruity nuggets, pictured above. I'd be pretty upset if my mom brought home fruity nuggets from the grocery store. Reminds me of the time that Justus brought in a can of Splash it Up, a cheap imitation of 7up. He was known as "splash it up" for quite some time in our office. If you want to be cool, I suggest you stick with real cereal. Like Quisp.

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Anonymous said...

What the fuck, dude? I have fruity nuggets on my counter right this second. How could you not get rediculously hungry for something with a sweet ass box like that? You know if that guy has a special gun, especially for shooting out nuggets of fruit, they have got to be delicious.

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