pull my finger 2

As an update to Dave's post yesterday, this is a most serious condition. I smashed my finger pretty bad. Yesterday, it was swollen to twice it's normal size. You have no idea how many times you need your ring finger while typing. It really was an extremely painful (or dreadfully slow) day for emails, IMs, and of course, blog entries.

But all is now well. (Stop reading if you get grossed out easily). The doctor said the pain was caused by blood building up underneath the nail, and having no outlet. Not a problem, he says. We'll just burn a hole in your fingernail, and release the blood. You'll feel dramatically better. BURN A HOLE IN YOUR NAIL. Yes, I heard correctly. That's the procedure.

So today, I'm happily emailing, IM'ing and of course blogging away. But with a hole in my nail. It's going to take 3 - 4 months to grow out. If you're not squeemish, ask me - and I'll show it to you.

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