geographically targeted marketing.

We've just launched a microsite for the Gorillaz, which will broadcast Demon Detour 2005, a nationwide radio station tour.

The microsite for Demon Detour is an effective marketing tool, which targets consumers simultaneously on both local and national levels. The promotion is a great example of how a national campaign can be geographically customized to target specific markets. This level of localization benefits both the artist and the radio station; and the strategy can be applied to any industry.

Here's How it Works:

Each radio station places a banner on their website promoting the exclusive Gorillaz performance at their station. Prior to the live event, users who click on the banner and are delivered to a complete nationwide Gorillaz tour schedule.

On the day of the event (midnight local time), when a user clicks on the station's web banner, they are forwarded to a locally customized Gorillaz Demon Detour microsite. They'll see photos of the Gorillaz in their hometown and a customized poster featuring the local station's logo. They'll even hear a streaming broadcast of the Gorillaz, just for their market. This is dynamic media delivery at it's best.

Here are a few of this weeks broadcasts...

Wednesday - 6/8/05 - 91X in San Diego, CA

Thursday - 6/9/05 - KRZQ in Reno, NV

Friday - 6/10/05 - Buzz103 in West Palm, FL

You can also check out the Gorillaz official Demon Detour schedule, for a participating station near you.

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