backpack it

I've been on this kick lately - where I'm trying to run my entire life in a web-based way. In fact, we just developed a custom web-based contact management tool in-house, that everyone at VIA uses for CRM.

And then comes this really cool product - backpack. I just started testing it yesterday, but so far, I'm totally impressed.

It's a web-based personal information organizer. So you don't need your Outlook "to do" list anymore. You can organize your life, organize a project, or whatever.

Even cooler - you can share pages of your organizer - so you can dedicate a page to a project, and everyone on the team has access to it. We're going to test it with a group brainstorm on a new project this week.

Best of all though - your organized life isn't tied to one machine. And you don't have to carry a PDA. Wherever you go, you can log on, and have access to your information. Providing, of course, that everywhere you go has wifi, or a machine you can use. (But why go anywhere else?)

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