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There's a great article/interview in this week's BrandWeek about some of the people and thinking behind Burger King's brilliant come-back, and the branding campaign that helped them do it. (we'd give you a link, but the BrandWeek site requires a paid subscription to access. If you want a copy of the article, let us know, and we'll mail/email you a copy of ours) The interview is with BK's Chief Marketing Officer, Russ Klein, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky President, and Executive Creative Director, Jeff Hicks and Alex Bogusky, respectively.

Two great nuggets from the article:

"There's a young guy product that basically all of the greatest advertising in the world is built around - that's beer. Here we have the exact same audience. Yet, in general, you have some of the worst advertising in the world. Since they both have the same target there's no reason the fast food category has to be so lame. It's just gotten that way" Alex Bogusky

There's also some great background about how they maintained the brand equity of "Have it your way":

"We were like, 'Bring it back. Don't change it. Don't tweak it. Don't make it flame grilled your way. Bring it back exactly the way it was and don't change it again." Alex Bogusky

That's an excellent example of how you can rescue and reinvigorate a brand - but at the same time, latch onto some rich brand equity. Nicely done.

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