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The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a very telling article on their quest to learn how to service and market to millenials - also known as Generation Y. This is the generation raised on the Internet. And they don't go to libraries. Or read news'papers'.

Here's an excerpt from the story:

There they were, 11 college students, lined up like some alien species before a curious group of about 50 college and university librarians.

One University of Minnesota student had a bagful of electronics with him: iPod, PalmPilot, cell phone. He was bright, opinionated, well-spoken.

And when was the last time he was in the U's library?

"Last year," he said.

The collective intake of breath nearly turned the room into a vacuum. What's a university librarian to do with this generation of college students?

In one of the kickoff sessions of the national conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries, the group spent seven hours Thursday at the Minneapolis Convention Center puzzling over the habits of the so-called millennial generation.

Confident, sophisticated, tolerant and practical, they are "Internet natives" who are more likely to use Google to research a paper than go to the library.

Full story.

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