end of the ad world

Here's the first in a series of articles about the ad industry's coming disaster, from AdAge, through BrandNoise. It's a closer look at all of the hype and trend forcasting that shows how television and traditional media are in the midst of a huge downward spiral, and how consumers get (and expect) content to be delivered in new ways. Really insightful stuff that represents both sides of the story.

Separately - but in a way related, Google just launched a beta site for uploading video. Is Google the next broadcast network? Or is it just another daily service addition from the Google machine - looking to boost stock value? An excerpt from the above AdAge article could explain it all:

As more control has been placed in the hands of the consumer, the consumer has shown every intention of exercising it. Especially in the coveted 18-34 cohort, viewers are fleeing TV and going online, where nobody need have their content dictated to them.

Apparently, Google is currently in "gathering" phase. And at this point, nobody really knows what exactly this could turn into... (Flickr for video?).... but we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for someone (hello, VIA clients!) to be the first with something really cool, distributed to the masses in a whole new venue. Welcome to the Google generation.

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