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Every few months or so, we try to take a good creative break - and close the office on a Friday, and do something fun. We call these days our "staff development days". Last month, we went to Mohawk Mountain in CT — Justus, Leigh and Dave went skiing — Darryl went snowboarding — and Kevin was off to the bunny slope.

At one point during our trip Justus met up with Kevin... next thing we knew Kevin was on the ground... Justus stood there trying to help him up... even got down on the ground to show him how to get up. Well it took a good 10-20 minutes — but eventually Kevin got off the ground — talk about team building!

The big question was — why did Kevin and Justus have the same jacket? Were they dating? Were they creating their own ski patrol?

So anyway its obvious Kevin's not a big fan of skiing, but the rest of us had a lot of fun, and regardless who can argue with a Friday spent on the slopes!?!

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