fries with that shake?

Everyone knows that if it’s not reality T.V. I probably don’t watch it. I rarely join in while the gang here recaps their favorite episodes of 24, CSI Miami, or in Kevin’s case, The Gilmore Girls. Well recently I was forced to watch (ok, maybe I was asked nicely) an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a show clearly “not” based on reality. Now I don’t for a moment even pretend to understand what the show is about but it seems to follow the hijinks of three human sized fast food items. According to their official bios you’ve got, “Master Shake, the self-proclaimed leader, Meatwad, the stupid but adorable uncooked meatball who is constantly abused by Master Shake, and Frylock, the only member of the group with any sense at all.”

This show is really weird but it takes place in New Jersey, which at least explains the existence of fast food items that can walk and talk. Check it out on Cartoon Network's Adult swim, or at the Aqua Teen Hunger Force website. Or, if Gilmore Girls is more your speed, check with Kevin for show times.

Thanks to T. J. & J.

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