Thursday, October 30, 2014
your halloween party peeps

Are you one of the people that love candy corn, fruit cake and stale marshmallow peeps? It's time that you no longer live with the fear of ridicule from your friends and family. Release the feeling of being repressed by the social norms of society because of your love of disgusting holiday confections. Peeps has given you the opportunity to share your love for the sugar covered marshmallows early this year with some spooooooky ads that they are sharing on their social channels that cast the Easter focused treat in a new light.

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lysol cleans up goole's ebola

Oh, Lysol... I get it. You just want to help people know that your product can clean and disinfect all the surfaces. It does a great job. But buying ads on Google search results for Ebola wasn't the best call. It's great that you realized this and took the ads down so people would see the top results from the CDC and WHO without an ad pushing the results down, but how about next time you go have a nice cup of tea before buying an ad related to a deadly viral infection and ask yourself, "is this a good idea?"

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deadly, arousing, refreshing miracle water

The marketing of water appears to be a little different in Lithuania. This ad is a little more reasonable than Vytautas Mineral Water's previous powerthirst-esque ad touting water as 'Earth Juice,' but it certainly does embrace the same theme of absurdity. And it you don't have your costume picked out for tomorrow night, perhaps you can get some inspiration from the ad that you will have to explain to your friends all night long.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
how well do you know horror movies?

Staying with the Halloween spirit, created these fantastic minimalist posters for 10 popular horror films. With no words can you guess which movie is being represented in each poster?

Bonus, you can download them as printable PDFs or use them as mobile and/or desktop wallpapers.

You can find the answers here.











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Trulia gets into the hallow-day spirit(s)

When house hunting, there are few things spookier than the possibility of buying a haunted house. So who better to embrace all things Halloween than real estate site, Trulia.

The first (and most epic way) they celebrated was to "trick" the hell out of home buyers with a staged haunted open house (seen in video above).

Then, they created the infographic (below) filled with all sorts of data "treats" on what scares off potential home buyers.

And, as if those weren't fun enough, they updated the local maps on their site to include places where buyers are most likely to find zombies, vampires and ghosts based on the location of things like cemeteries.

Way to ghoul Trulia! (Aaaand, end cheesy Halloween puns.)

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another (funny) advertising parody

It's pretty safe to say the advertising industry is the most parodied industry out there... besides maybe politics, which is usually parodied by others. Advertising parodies, on the other hand, are completely masturbatory, mostly created by our own people either because we all really appreciate self deprecating humor, we're all super narcissistic, or because if we didn't laugh we'd cry. My guess is all of the above. That being said, the folks from the ad parody twitter handle @AdWeak now has a faux news show using stock images and video. It's definitely worth a laugh!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Jim Carrey is like a flat circle

The former Pet Detective hosted SNL this past weekend and while the show may not be cranking out gems like it used to, every once in a while they totally redeem themselves (see what I did there?). By now, mostly everyone has seen the original Lincoln ads featuring Matthew McConaughey where he gives a nod to his former True Detective character. Sure, the spots are a little off-beat, but that's what makes them so worthy of parody. Carrey crushed it. Enjoy.

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haggling, aint nobody got time for that

Last week posted some new ads featuring grocery store clerks haggling with costumers for their groceries. Sure negotiating the price of brussel sprouts isn’t the same as negotiating a new hoopty, but that's the exaggerated point Edmunds is trying to make. The ads are pretty funny for most of us regular going, car buying consumers, but not everyone was pleased. Shortly after the videos went up, car dealerships started to complain. They didn't like the way Edmunds was putting a so-called negative stereotype on car dealerships. Seems a bit extreme considering not a single car dealership was called out in the ads. Well, the complaints must have worked because the videos were pulled, but this is the Internet we’re talking about so of course you can still watch.

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work it, that’s it, now give me blue steel

Samsung launched a fun interactive website that gives you the opportunity to stand behind the lens at your own photo shoot with supermodel Ronja Furrer. Giving you multiple poses in different outfits, you’re able to snap a plethora of images to create the (fake) cover photo you never knew you wanted. Sure the website is only available in French or German, but once you start clicking on all the buttons, you’ll definitely figure it out...maybe...or not...but definitely maybe.

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Monday, October 27, 2014
shot in the face

You know that moment when you take a whisky shot and pretend that you actually didn't mind it? Well, your face does not lie and it says that you wanted to puke...and cry. Meet Tim Charles: he photographed a series of people taking shots and captured their expressions perfectly. The results are hysterical and all too relatable - except that one chick below - she looks like she enjoyed it a little too much.

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