Friday, August 29, 2014
this is (hazel)nuts

People don't just like Nutella. People LOVE Nutella. People have, quite literally, unhealthy relationships with Nutella. So it's no shocker that in the hipster world headquarters (Brooklyn), there will be a Nutella-themed restaurant opening. Sound too good to be true? Well, it just might be. The restaurant, Nutelleria, isn't actually owned or endorsed by Nutella manufacturer, Ferraro - it's simply conceptualized and created by Nutella enthusiasts (literally, nutcases). Their website is extremely vague and doesn't tell us any concrete information such as launch date or menu offerings, so either they're masters at building suspense, or they're in the process of getting sued. Either way, count me in for Nutella pizza.

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wet your notebook, not whistle

We have waterproof clothing, waterproof footwear, waterproof watches - so why is it that it's taken so long to come up with waterproof paper? Finally, the wait is over. For those who need to withstand the elements for work or hobby, Rite in the Rain has produced 100% recyclable weatherproof paper that regular pencil or ballpoint pens write on perfectly. Notebooks start at $4 - so next time you're inspired to write a love song while laying outside in a monsoon, make sure you grab one.

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got rice?

Although the viral sensation of the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions of dollars for Lou Gehrig's Disease, some people just don't really understand the idea. Well, the people of India decided to adapt the phenomenon into something a little more tangible and in the process, help feed a quarter of the world's hungry. Enter the "Rice Bucket Challenge," which asks people to cook or buy one bucket of rice and give it to someone in need. Hey, whether it's filled with water or filled with rice, grab a bucket and join the rest of the world.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014
another kickstarted thing breaks a record

This is the Coolest. Seriously, the thing is called the Coolest. It's a cooler... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! It cools. It blends. It plays your favorite tunes and charges your phone at the SAME TIME! If you call now you won't get to talk to anyone because kickstarter is A WEBSITE!

Ahem... sorry. This thing is pretty rad though. And the project failed the first time around. Now, they have raised over $11 million in funding. This might just change they way you tailgate or hit the beach.

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unfit commercial for immature drivers

Are you the type of person who hates making stops when you are road tripping home after spending a week with your sister and her 3 kids who decide that 6:00 AM is an appropriate time to wake up and start screaming about who's pancake looks more like a cartoon mouse? Well, Honda has a car for you. It's called the Fit. It gets good gas mileage. And they have a new commercial to show you just how great it is... Enjoy.

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low life litterers called out

Not sure if Toronto has seen an uptick in littering, or if they are just trying to overthrow Calgary as being the cleanest city, but they are taking a strong stance against littering in a new series of ads. Do people actually still litter as a conscious decision in Toronto? Don't be a pig. Pick up your trash.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
99 bottles of beer on sale now...

...99 bottles of beeeeeer. Yeah, this news is absolutely worth singing about!

Austin Beerworks makes a tasty sessionable beer called Anytime Ale. Sessionable ales are meant to be drank in large quantities over long periods of time. So it makes complete sense to sell said ale in a big 'ole multi-pack. And by big 'ole, we're talking a 99 PACK OF BEER!!! Yes it's real, and it will be on sale soon... but you have to follow Austin Beerworks in social media and use #anytimeale to get updates of where it's available and when.

So get at it, and as they so kindly remind us, remember to lift with your legs!

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Belize wins the internet this week

Jonathan Cain, Journey's keyboardist and writer of the rock ballad you hate to love, "Don't Stop Believin", recently traveled to Belize and tweeted about his love of of the country and it's people.

Belize Tourism Board saw the tweet and decided to thank him... which would've been nice enough, but they made it frickin' awesome!!! They worked with their agency, Olsen, and hired popular local band The Laru Beya Boys to record "Don't Stop Belizein" (heard at the link above) to share back with him.

Yeah Belize, you won this internet with this one!


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most dedicated brand manger ever

Brand managers sacrifice a lot for their brands... time, energy, tears, sweat, their internal organs. Wait, their internal organs?

In this cringe-worthy video, a Bissel brand manager is so committed to proving his brand's efficacy he risks contracting e.coli, hepatitis, influenza and a billion other transmittable diseases to prove it.

Now that's commitment... or insanity. Whatever.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014
reviewing the taco bell dollar menu


You work hard for your money. (Hard for it, honey). God forbid you spend it, only to realize shortly afterwards that you've made a terrible mistake. Thankfully, writer David Griner ate every menu item from Taco Bell's new dollar menu and gave his thoughts on each one - so you'll know exactly where your hard-earned dollar should go next time you're three sheets to the wind.

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