Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Tontino's wins at stock photography

A while back Buzzfeed published a list of 50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use. Totino's, not wanting to see a good stock photo go to waste, decided to put them to use with pizza. Because why the heck not?!

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prankvertising: so big it's small

Prankvertising has become so popular even regional, small department store chains are getting in on the action. While you'll find yourself asking "what in the hell?" several times while watching, this latest stunt video from Ocean State Job Lot in Rhode Island is quite delightful. Random customers who were encouraged to ring a bell at checkout were then taken on an over-the-top Christmas themed adventure for a chance to win prizes. Fun!

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if you feel, eat a snack

Super break-through ad from W+K for Weight Watchers that goes far beyond the typical superficial reasons for losing weight, down into all the emotional reasons we eat. While skeptical that Weight Watchers really offers the type of help needed to get past those behaviors, it's fantastically executed nonetheless.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Old Spice take a look what you’ve done

Old Spice is no stranger to off-beat marketing mash-ups, and the men's grooming brand is at it again. In their latest ad, they build off the original crying mom spot, but this time bring dads into the mix. It’s great to see they’re dedicated to risk taking and pushing the envelope. Sure these ads make zero sense, but that’s okay because they’re hilarious. So keep the wacky and weird coming!

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move...get out the way

Black Friday is almost here. Retailers are slashing prices and brands are gearing up for the mad holiday rush. Some of us are smart enough to stay home and wait for the holiday deals on Cyber Monday. The folks that are crazy enough to venture out on Black Friday are on a whole nother level. It’s basically survival of the fittest when those retails doors open. Seriously, shit gets crazy out there. Nacho Punch knows what’s up in this Black Friday horror film parody. The funny thing? They’re not far off from reality…

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calling all whiskey drinkers

Designed by PUNCH and W&P, this TSA approved Carry on Cocktail kit is, well, pretty damn amazing. It comes with everything you need to make an Old Fashion except the bourbon. So the next time you’re on a bumpy flight and need to take the edge off, just ring the flight attendant and whip one up.

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Monday, November 24, 2014
what the flocka?

Celebrity endorsements for a brand are GREAT. They provide credibility, aspiration, and generally just up the "cool factor" of your brand. Enter the forgotten lozenges brand, Pine Bros., who recently casted Waka Flocka Flame as their brand ambassador in their latest spot. Now, some of you may recall that Waka Flocka recently hired his own personal blunt roller...of course he'd need throat drops! The commercial is already banned by some local stations, but that's not stopping the brand from offering a chance to win a trip to Hawaii for anyone who shares the video on social media.

Ricola and Halls better step up their game!

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"i'm totally not racist, but..."

Bravo, CollegeHumor. Just when everyone thought your content was going seriously downhill, you've restored our faith with your newest original, Diet Racism.

We've all been there: even in the 21st century, we let a few things slip that we really shouldn't say. And of course, CH picks the tumultuous climate of today's political culture to play on the deeply controversial subject of racism. Shockingly, the video didn't seem to offend devout CH followers, and in fact, probably sparked a more educated conversation about race in the United States than most credible news sources.

By the way: CollegeHumor: 1; Dan Snyder: -1,000,000

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the sneaker that ties itself

Come on, how lazy can you POSSIBLY be? Self-lacing sneakers that tie themselves up with a push of a button may sound like the future, but how is that really different from velcro? Canadian footwear designer Frederick Labbe has unveiled his latest prototype, Powerlace, with the hope that he'll get a massive licensing deal with Nike revolutionize the sneaker. Sounds unnecessary, but then again, so is the bacon bowl.

You can pre-order your lazy-man sneakers on Kickstarter now for $150.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014
engineering middle manager barbie

Barbie can do lots of things these days and there are plenty of books to prove it. One thing she can't seem to do is write code, but she can design puppies like a true engineer. Needless to say Mattel has seen a little backlash on the book. Rightfully so since the book has Barbie inadvertently downloading a virus and she can't reboot her own computer at a point. Mattel has since responded with an apology and the ebook has been pulled from Amazon. You can read more over at Consumerist about the book and apology.

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