Kia and the NBA bring a new smell to your car

It’s pretty common the find an air freshener hanging above the car rear view mirror. Many of us even have our own favorite scent from Evergreen to Black Ice, but what about the “Distinct In-Game Musk?” of an NBA game? No? Not what you were thinking? To drive awareness and buzz, Kia is riding the basketball excitement of the season by partnering with the NBA to give customers and fans the full 5-sense NBA experience by delivering the 5th, often forgotten, sense: smell. Yep, together they created NBA team-scented air deodorizers that are being given away at hundreds of KIA dealerships across the country.

Through a fun promotional video, the scent technicians of the “Kia Scent Lab” show the process of how they carefully came up with the scents of each team, from swabbing the armpits of players to squeezing out the sweat of their jerseys to create a true, authentic smell. For a limited time, fans can pick up their free NBA air freshener when they participate in a test drive at one of the many Kia dealerships, but don’t worry, the scents won’t actually smell like a large, sweaty basketball player! The scents are said to embody each city’s and team’s personalities to give fans the true experience of being near their favorite team while taking a drive in their car.

Jameson creates an unforgettable distillery experience

Nowadays we're constantly looking for the inside scoop to how our favorite brands work behind closed doors. Just last August Jameson temporarily closed their distillery to the public for a multi-million dollar revamp. The already iconic distillery transformed into a fully interactive and engaging experience to give visitors that "behind the scenes" experience the seek while touring the facility.

The goal of the experience is to share the great story of the Jameson brand and how it has continued to thrive from day one. They do this through introducing immersive and fun technology that allow visitors to interact in ways they were never able to before. And, as always, the tour ends with a Jameson whiskey tasting, just like how John Jameson would end each of his days as well!

The new experience really gives visitors a chance to connect with the brand and understand where they come from, which is crucial to the customer experience. And, bonus, it's expected to bring in a larger audience giving Ireland tourism a little extra push to over a million visitors within the next ten years!

Wendy's hits the road for March Madness

Wendy’s has been making waves with their fresh beef campaigns for weeks and decided to make their way into the current cultural trend of March Madness. The NCAA Tournament captures the attention of a number of basketball fans year after year from all over the country and this year Wendy's gets to benefit off that chatter with a fully integrated, 360 degree customer experience.

First, fans can create their own bracket through the Wendy’s Twitter account, which is the first bracket challenge to be created strictly through Twitter. They also partnered with many YouTube stars and ESPN personalities to extend reach and further connect Wendy’s to the tournament.

And to bring the experience out into the real world, Wendy’s #Drive2theFinal4 campaign brings a food truck filled with free cheeseburgers to multiple cities across the country that are hosting the NCAA tournament.

The experience will then come to a close at the final game in Phoenix where fans can compete in a photo-submission contest to win a grand prize.

Jack Daniels brings the authentic motel experience to Brooklyn

When one thinks of whiskey, it's not hard to think of the Jack Daniels name. And now, they're creating a new reason to be remembered with an awesome new experience in Brooklyn called Motel No. 7.  Not only did the brand become the top trending local hashtag on Twitter, but they incorporated many aspects of that cool Brooklyn style to make the experience and the brand more relevant to their audience. The motel was decked out with pretty much everything you would think you’d encounter in a motel setting, from uniformed bellhops and janitors hiding out in supply closets to a Motel Chapel and a Royal Suite. Attendees of the motel also had the chance to enjoy Jack Daniel’s infused donuts and could wash it down with a hot toddy on the side, all while hearing from the master distiller at the Rabbit Saloon. And like any well-executed experience, it included it’s own locked wi-fi system for attendees only, which encouraged sharing by all motel goers in order to promote it out to their social circles!
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