Friday, October 02, 2015
condoning vandalism

Want free Jets tickets, Brooklyn Nets tickets or free scoops of ice cream - no problem! All you need to do is defile JetBlue's OOH advertising. Ok, so it's less like defiling and more like taking a body sized coupon off bus shelters...but you know, basically the same thing.

These crazy OOH stunts are attracting attention of New Yorkers as the brand promises to place more of the freebies around the 5 boroughs under the hashtag, #NYCTakeoff. It's not often that consumers actively search for billboards - well done JetBlue!

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iPhone abuse is now a pastime

Everyone could use a little more excitement in their lives which is why we are sharing with you, our loyal readers, the newest in extreme hobbies. It's called Extreme iPhone Pinching - and it's not for the faint of heart. The oddly exciting event involves dangling your precious phone over damaging ground/heights while you pinch the very edge of it hopefully without letting it fall.

We have a hard time watching these videos. So clutch your iPhones tight people and never let them go. Never. Let. Them. Go.

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binge watching heaven

What's cooler than the Amazon dash button? That's easy - the Netflix Switch!

With one finger you can turn on your TV and Netflix, dim your lights, order your favorite food and turn off your phone. BOOM! Binge watching heaven!

Here's the rub, you'll need to work for it. Netflix has released a step by step video on on how to create the switch yourself.

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Thursday, October 01, 2015
behind every great colbert is a great woman

You've caught on to the fact that Stephen Colbert is not the same character from the Colbert Report, and the fact that he is doing something very different with the late night format by now, right? He has had Tech CEOs, Political figures, and innovators. This gives the show a unique feel and honesty that is intriguing since these people are not as used to being in front of the camera in the same way as Scarlett Johansson. This is in large part because of talent booking strategy of Emily Lazar. Is it a refreshing change of pace, or just making things feel a little more awkward?

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iFixit gets their app torn off the app store

Let it me a lesson in PR that Apple doesn't mess around with terms and conditions (just ask Gizmodo). Now iFixit has found their app removed from the store and probably a very cold shoulder from Apple from now on since having posted a teardown of the new Apple TV. The unit in question was a developer version and iFixit knew the risks they were taking, but what did Apple expect from sending a developer unit to a website known for ripping the guts out of tech?

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zombies craving farm to table

When you think of Omaha you think of steak. Steak that is shipped directly to your home in vacuum sealed packs at a price close to the market for gold. Well, now you can think of one more thing. Zombies that have a desire for only the purest of flesh to consume. While it is true that getting rid of herpes is probably harder than killing a zombie, the choice between the two viruses is (hypothetically) pretty obvious.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
do you shake like a fish?

It's almost Advertising Week, and if you're going, you'll be doing a whole lotta hand shaking. To make sure your handshake game is on-point, Minneapolis agency Colle+McVoy created that lets your test your handshake strength by pretending your smartphone is another person's hand. I got The Nun. No idea what that actually means, but it can't be bad right? I mean, they do shake hands with "the man" himself right?

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iPhone keeps getting clearer

Let's face it, the overall awesomeness of a phone is directly correlated to the quality of the photos it takes. Sure, speed, memory, battery and all that crap matters, but all those matter because of all the damn pics we take and share online. So how much better, then, is the iPhone 6s camera than prior versions? Photographer Lisa Bettany shows you . . . in fact, she shows you the quality of every iPhone version in this super cool interactive comparison.


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the difference design makes

There's been hundreds of years of philosophical debate on form vs. function in design. . . but what if you could have both? As the crew at Visual News points out with their redesign of everyday things (inspired by LA's new parking signs), sometimes good design does more than makes things LOOK better, it makes them work better too. Think about how clearer the world could be with better, more intuitive design.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
can you use that in a sentence please?

Love those wacky, sometimes odd, example dictionary sentences? Well you're in luck, because Jez Burrows just used lots of them. In this great new series of shorts we're treated to some clever and surprisingly entertaining stories. Who knew the dictionary could be so fun?

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