Thursday, July 31, 2014
twitchy concert viewers

If you aren't aware of, it's probably time to take notice. Twitch is most notably known for streaming video game play-throughs, commentary and events. The content has been primarily focused on games of all kinds from mega-popular League of Legends to live Dungeons and Dragons sessions. But now they are branching out to Music. A live Steve Aoki concert was featured on the Twitch homepage. When the DVR has replaced appointment television, Twitch is making a strong case for creating appointment viewing on their platform.

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another private messaging app for your...

The world clearly needs more apps for people to share photos that they don't want to stay on the recipients phone for longer than a few seconds. At least Instagram thought so. So, they went ahead and developed Bolt. It is launching in Singapore, New Zealand, and South Africa for now. Then maybe it will go world wide and you'll be able to say, "you've been bolted!" over a photo you just took on the bus.

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sharks circle the twitternado

Sharknado 2 was made and released. Twitter went wild. Brands decided to join in on the fun by posting their own rif on the Sharknado experience. Some put effort in to it while others... well, at least they got on the bandwagon before the wheels fell off.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
auto-wins from "share a coke with" campaign

Alright, Coca-cola, fine. Your mission to seek free publicity by forcing your consumer to share their Coke cans all over social media has succeeded. There are photos. There are memes. There is even a nativity scene. Check out Mandatory's list of the best and worst of the "share the Coke with" campaign.

There's only one question that remains: if Coke took the top 250 names to be printed on bottles and cans, then how did Siri weasel her way onto a bottle?

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give a dog a bone (or water)

The 150,000 stray dogs in Istanbul, Turkey, pose a serious problem for the city as they wander about in search of food and water. Instead of getting rid of them or letting them starve, one Turkish company has developed an innovation that not only feeds the nomadic canines of Turkey, but helps promote recycling as well. This gigantic reverse vending machine dispenses food and water every time a bottle is recycled. Save the dogs. Save the environment. This is a win-win.

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"slothifying" profile photos

50 lucky Facebook fans received the opportunity of a lifetime: to have their profile pictures replaced with versions of them as sloths. Yes, sloths. British artist Hector Janse van Rensberg apparently had some time on his hands. He selected 50 random Facebook users and repainted their photos, in watercolor, using sloths. The results? A little weird, but really effing cute!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
good things come in small packages

Like the latest from Nike and their new Free 5.0 shoes. They are the most flexible shoes ever and fit in this new tiny box. Great idea for lots of reasons, too bad the packaging is for a limited time only.

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what a nice purple straw you have

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is turning their iconic purple straw into the latest Instagram filter. Instagram is no stranger to brand campaigns, but this is a refreshing way to leverage brand’s product while creating something the platform is known for.

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breakfast of champions

Who doesn’t love bacon? Nobody, that’s who. Reebok recognizes that too and has developed a Paleo diet bacon to promote at the 2014 CrossFit Games. They’re sending friendly pork packages to the athletes and will be on site in their Bacon Box food truck handing out even more bacon deliciousness.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014
simpson's wine now with hints of blue hair

The final piece of your Simpson's viewing party has been revealed. Forgo the beer and chips for a cheese plate and a glass of fine (maybe) wine as you view the timeless classic brought to you by Matt Groening. Unfortunately, this is only a concept. But that shouldn't keep you from having a drink of your choice.

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