Thursday, August 27, 2015
bk fails to settle the beef with mcdonalds

One day, Burger King said to McDonalds, 'Let's get together and be alright.' Specifically, it was intended to celebrate International Day of Peace. McDonalds decided that they were not down with the idea and responded with the Corporate equivalent of 'B**ch, plz,' closing out their open letter with, "A simple phone call will do next time." Seems that BK just dropped the ball while McD's dropped the mic.

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celebrate 50 with spaghettios cupcakes

SpaghettiOs has turned 50. They want to celebrate by having some cake. Not just any cake, thought, a red velvet cake made from SpaghettiOs. The experiment recipe gives you a cake that includes strained sauce from the canned pasta along with an icing and "STRAWBERRY SPAGHETTIOS TOPPING." Are you brave enough to try this out and celebrate the golden year of SpaghettiOs?

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let's go to mcdonalds :/

McDonald's France has refreshed their "come as you are." campaign to tap in the the ability for emoji to convey more than words ever could. As the Inspiration Room puts it, "The new commercial, and corresponding print and outdoor elements, focuses on the many emotions experienced by McDonalds customers." The only emoji missing from the campaign, self-loathing and disappointment.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015
art that speaks to us

Art is so critically important. While art can serve many functions: an outlet for some, a source of inspiration for others - what it always is, is a reflection on where the world is now. Art acts as pseudo time capsule in that we may not always recognize the piece is capturing a piece of history, but as time goes on it reveals a memory. So imagine looking at these pieces in 100 years from now!

Steve Cutts, a long time London based illustrator went into business for himself in 2012 to pursue his art and we think it's pretty fantastic!

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proof that our favorite stimulate is goooood

Most people in advertising live off caffeine. Frequent late nights can do that to a person - especially if you work on a coffee, soda or energy drink brand where you have 24/7 access to the product! In the past, caffeine has gotten (unfairly) a bad wrap, so we are here to set the records is not only necessary, but it can be goooooood!

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lost and found magic

Did you know that 1 in every 3 people will lose a friend at a music festival? It's true. It's true. Well, Pepsi is facing this atrocity head on with a little something they call, The Friend Finder. This advanced tracking system is a hearty mix of 1 part magic and two parts drones.

Hooked up to a smartphone, the spherical drone will locate your lost friend in a sea of festival goers...and imagine the compromising acts that will be found!

So is this innovation real or false? We can't tell from the video, BUT who cares! It's a cool idea!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Bro, do you even use organic protein?

Organic Valley wants Bros to stop using synthetic proteins and go all organic, so naturally they came up with a save a bro hotline. You can now save a bro you know by submitting their Twitter handle (brononymously of course) to Organic Valley. Said bro will get a custom video message based on their bro qualities, urging them to go organic. Doesn't get much better than that.

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posted by Stephen Palinkas @ 8:20 AM   0 comments getting wacky with GIFs

Let's just say, knows what’s up. Their advertising is on-point and they know how to reach their target. To wind down the summer they are taking consumer submitted photos on Twitter & Instagram and turning the best ones into fantastical GIFs. The initial results are everything you’d want in a Photoshopped GIF on today's Internet.

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Eli and Peyton make college kids work

If you want something in life, you gotta work for it. Even something as simple as a drink from a vending machine. The always funny/dry humored Manning brothers and superstar J.J. Watt own Gatorade's new campaign by whipping college kids into shape, just so they can access their favorite thirst quencher. The "candid" reactions are priceless. More videos here.

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Friday, August 21, 2015
protecting the family jewels is serious business

We excitedly use our devices on a daily basis without thinking of the consequences. Hold up. Wait. What consequences?

Our devices, especially smartphones, emit harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and for men who often carry their phones in their pockets it can be issue. So when men are thinking about procreating they need to make moves to protect "the boys"! Well you can thank the infamous Richard Branson for bringing "the underpants for superheroes” to the market to do just that.

Wireless Armour boxers are made of a material that shields men from EMR, but if you are imagining "the boys" in an aluminum foil sock you'd be way wrong. These boxers are not only safe, but they are soft too!

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