Foolproof and kid-proof insurance

Sometimes insurance can be daunting to really dive into and understand all the policy features and technicalities. Digit Insurance in India made some informational booklets that were straight forward to show how simple their policies are, and they put them to the test. They had several groups of different aged kids read the booklets and then be quizzed on the content.

A the end of the video, their point is that the information is simple and straight forward enough for 15 year olds to understand, so give it a shot.

Surprise beer deliveries from a pro

Miller Lite put retired football players to work, and surprised unsuspecting football fans with beer deliveries from Jason Witten.

They had some diehard fans set up to view a game and be filmed, but the visit from Witten was totally unsuspected. He hung out, pet their dogs, and signed some cans for them.

Surprise and delights, and access to celebrities and athletes, is always a nice way to endear fans to a brand.

Philly (Philly) gets a "special" statue from Bud Light

And in another amazing extension of its Dilly Dilly campaign (also see this), Bud Light has bestowed Philadelphia with a statue featuring the Eagles' QB Nick Foles and coach Doug Pederson making the fateful decision to run the Philly Special play (in which Foles caught a touchdown pass, showing up Tom Brady's previous fumble). In that moment, Foles asks "You want Philly Philly?"

The statue is a smart move on Bud Light's part and a great homage to the team and city that especially glommed on to its Dilly Dilly campaign, and a great way to appeal to such a 'passionate' fanbase. A nice gift as the Eagles take the field in the first game of this season tonight.

Well done, Bud Light.

WeWork wants to (we)market startups

WeWork is a great business model that offers shared, cost efficient work space to freelancers, small businesses and start-ups. They're making a move to offer content marketing services to those startups who are too busy building their brand and business on the back-end to worry about front-end marketing or can't yet hire someone dedicated to that role.

It's a smart evolution for WeWork to expand its business to augment its professional tenants experiences with the company.

New Balance jumps on the 90s nostalgia train

Come on ride the train - and ride it! New Balance is launching its newest sneaker, the X-90, by celebrating the '90s. As part of the launch, they partnered with Foot Locker to create an experiential pop-up shop that throws consumers back in time with various rooms decked with items from the era. They invited '90s celebrities like Ben Savage and Jaleel White to attend the launch party (I wonder if Jaleel came as Steve or Stephan?). The sneakers themselves also have elements that are reminiscent of shoes from that time as well.

See a video of the pop-up here.

HP is challenging American family stereotypes

Grab a box of tissues (if you're a big sap like myself), and watch this latest video from HP.

They are the latest brand to take on debated societal topics. With this video, the brand is trying to "reinvent mindsets" by challenging what a typical American family actually looks like. Based on stats, it's much more diverse than people think.

It is a highly relevant and timely way to showcase how HP itself is constantly reinventing itself, technology and looking at things in new ways.

Just scan it with the Nike app

New school year, new kicks as they always say. And Nike wants to be the shoe of choice by easing some pain points of that shopping experience during this busy times.

At select locations, consumers can use the Nike app to scan bar codes, select their preferred color and size and and submit the order to have them ready to try on in a few minutes. No flagging down busy store associates, or waiting longer for them to go back and find the right ones - only to find out they don't even have them in stock.

Who created this activation - Statler and Waldorf?

When you think of senior citizens in balcony seats, you think of these guys. But now in Ghent, Belgium, one festival organization is trying to pair young music fans with senior citizens to enjoy a show together.

An upcoming Bjork concert will take place in St. Peter's square, and surrounding it is a retirement home where older citizens live, many who don't receive a lot of visitors.

The Jazz Festival worked with creative agency Humming and the facility to offer attendees the chance to purchase balcony seats in the tenants' homes so they can not only get a great view but also connect with people who may potentially be lonely and otherwise would be isolated from the crowd in the square below.

The cost of the seats do double good, though because the proceeds will go to an organization that connects homeless people with hotels that have rooms they weren't able to fill. Is your heart just bursting right now??

Watch a video promoting the activation here. 

Kroger's bagging plastic bags

First Starbucks declared it is going to phase out plastic straws from its stores over the next couple of years, and now Kroger is declaring it's going to phase out single use plastic bags by 2025.

As environmental news and concerns about humans' waste continues to grow, especially with plastic goods, companies are starting to listen to those customers and step forward to make a change. There is something powerful about having a brand listen and take a positive step forward, which ultimately should positively impact brand affinity and loyalty in this day and age where activism is so important to consumers. Consumers are also tending to buy products from brands who share their values, so its more important than ever for companies to be in tune with its core audience, and also be forward and transparent on what their values are with consumers - and stand behind them.

Snickers offers one for the price of two

Would you ever buy one of product for the price of two? (BOGT anyone?) Of course not. Snickers knows it too, but in their latest digital media ad campaign, they are advertising this and giving a message to anyone "crazy" enough to click it, asking them if they are ok.

The campaign reinforces their platform that "you're not yourself when you're hungry," and its a playful way to engage consumers who are curious enough to investigate such a preposterous deal, and remind them Snickers can help stave off unusual actions prompted by hunger.

You can watch the video response message here.
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