Honda Brings Holiday Magic to Kids in the Hospital

Virtual Reality technology is pretty cool in and of itself, but what better way to use it than by bringing holiday joy to sick children? Take a look at Candy Cane Lane, a VR experience produced by Honda that immerses kids in a snowy landscape while a sleigh pulls them around to watch the holiday lights.

Creating emotional experiences is a powerful way for brands to connect with people. For these kids and their parents, Honda will hold a special place in their lives. For Honda, it’s a heartwarming PR story that aligns their brand with a deeply touching subject during the holiday season.

Duracell Saves Christmas with Free Batteries

Christmas is a hectic and incredibly busy time of year, especially for parents of young children. It’s easy to forget batteries for all those new toys, which undoubtedly has made for many a tearful Christmas morning. What better way to counter this negative experience than with Duracell Express, an on-demand free battery delivery service launched to serve a few midwest markets on Christmas Eve.

Acknowledging their product can sometimes be a source of frustration, Duracell scores a win by anticipating customers’ needs and delivering their positive message in an innovative way. Even though the Duracell Express only served a limited number of markets, the brand gets a sleighful of great PR and share-worthy content for their YouTube channel to keep the message going all year long.

Bacardi Innovates with Instagram DJ Experience

Using Instagram’s new Stories feature, Bacardi gives their followers the ability to play DJ with this fun interactive experience. You control the music mix by tapping back and forth on the story timeline, while Bacardi keeps visitors engaged with the brand for much longer than they would with a simple static photo.

Entertaining and incredibly share-worthy, this is a great example of how a brand can leverage social platforms in interesting ways that build loyalty and mindshare.

Let Kit Kat and Santa Give You a Break

Trading on its well-worn catchphrase “Gimme a Break…”, Kit Kat goes one extra this holiday by enlisting the help of none other than Santa Claus himself. Not content to just deliver Kit Kat bars as gifts to a few lucky hard-working people, Santa actually takes over their jobs for them so they can enjoy a real break as well.

This feel-good spot aligns the brand with the warm spirit of giving around the holidays in a clever play on its core messaging, which centers around sharing a Kit Kat with friends and family. Break me off a piece!

Snapchat Brings its Brand Experience to the Real World

One of the many challenges for digital-only brands is how to engage people beyond the screen. Snapchat meets this challenge head-on in a big way with it’s new Spectacles product.  Sold in a custom designed vending machine called Snap bot (which looks like something from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Spectacles are a funky, colorful pair of sunglasses with a camera and Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. Look hip and post pics from the beach at the same time!

Retailing at $130, Spectacles are generating serious buzz and pairs are going for up to $1,000 on the secondary market. Snapchat scores a big win by extending its brand experience as a physical product that is fun, relatable, and share-worthy.

The Macallan Residence is style in a bottle

Luxury brands have a tough job marketing to consumers--they need to connect with them on a much different level, a more emotional level, to make the brand not only feel like part of their lifestyle, but almost as an extension of who they are as a person. The Macallan Residence experience does a good job of this by offering a distinctive sensory tour of other high-end luxury brands.  While attending an Macallan Residence event, consumers can indulge in the overall experience of luxury on all senses, while giving a symbolic value and emotional connection to its own brand.  Just watching the video, makes you want to go out and buy a bottle just to make you feel like you’re part of this club.

Holiday cheer for those that need it most

WestJet certainly upped the ante on  spreading holiday cheer this season. They sought out a deserving community of people who had lost their homes to a forest fire earlier in the year and invited them to a magical winter wonderland experience so that they could feel the holiday cheer they deserved.  From documenting their stories in this heartfelt video, to delivering gifts from the sky (like free travel on WestJet of course) they provided them with a memorable, positive experience that helped them see how far they have come since the fire. Yep, that's all the feels right there.

Experience the wild with Buster The Boxer

UK retailer John Lewis realized the power of dogs and how, frankly, they can sell anything, and used that power to create a wonderfully interactive customer experience back in early November.  They started with a attention grabbing video where parents decide to support their daughters love for jumping with a trampoline as a gift for her, but when they open the door to reveal the gift, the dog (and some furry wild life friends) steal the scene.  The video was just a kick-off to a full-blown customer experience in stores where they had products, other social media interactions, and interactive apps all centered around this dog, Buster the Boxer, and his wild life friends.  From an Oculus Rift VR experience to Snapchat filters and even stuffed toys, every part of the experience immersed consumers into the wild to reinforce their partnership with their holiday charity, The Wildlife Trust.

Message in a Coca-Cola bottle


With a new (cap) twist on an old way to communicate, Coca Cola turned the old "message in a bottle" into an interactive experience. Consumers who buy special bottles of Coke can record any message they want through the cap and then simply plan the hand-off to their loved to create an even more meaningful experience around sharing a coke than simply personalizing the bottle with their name. Always great to see a brand constantly challenge themselves to evolve a successful campaign. 

The holiday store with nothing to sell

In the weeks prior to the holidays we are all typically working hard to prepare for the festivities.  Decorating the house, preparing for the perfect meal, deciding on the perfect Christmas cocktails and finding the best gifts for each of our loved ones. 

Those things are all wonderful, but Minute Maid wanted consumers to remember that the holidays are about so much more than that, so they created a holiday pop-up store. The twist? There was absolutely nothing for sale there. Instead, the pop-up experience allowed visitors to take the time to reflect on what their loved ones mean to them and write them meaningful letters to their loved ones. Then, their letters were wrapped up all nice and delivered to their recipients. Such a simple experience, but it generated some really powerful heart-felt stories to show how the simplest things can be the most meaningful. 
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