The Sausage Dome

With only 3 weeks away from the Super Bowl, Johnsonville has launched “The Sausage Dome”. A Sausage-themed reality TV show, where contestants create their own recipes and compete against each other for a year’s supply of sausages and be entered into Johnsonville's "Big Game Binder" recipe book. They will be judged by the "The Sausage Six," a group of Johnsonville employees with hearty appetites and no judging experience.

It’s a great lead up to the Super Bowl, without actually being in the Super Bowl. Also, “The Sausage Dome” should get some viewers excited about some sausage inspired creations for their Super Bowl Party. So grab your sausage and start cooking!

Are You Ready For Some KFC Football?

Weeks before the Super Bowl, KFC is getting fans ready for the big game — the one where a bucket of KFC is practically required — with a game of its own. The “KFC Fried Football Frenzy Challenge” combines America’s love of football, KFC, and social media by using Instagram in a unique way that creates an immersive brand experience rather than just as a platform to disperse content. In "choose your own adventure" style, users start with the first image on their Instagram account and try to coach their team to greatness by choosing their next move using several other branded Instagram accounts. You can choose between different plays like “@KFC_crispyrun,and @KFC_potatopass to ultimately (hopefully) score a touchdown.  Now grab the pigskin (extra-cripsy of course) and score one for the Gipper!
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