Tuesday, August 04, 2015
doggy bag takes on a whole new meaning

If you’re a pet owner and/or pet lover in general, you understand how important it is to feed your pet the best food out there. More and more dog food brands are offering new fresh, organic, all natural products, etc. etc. Which is great. What’s even better is this video of people (unknowingly) eating FreshPet dog food. What a great way to prove the dog food is made from real ingredients. The results are dynamite.

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Chris Pratt + Internet + Photoshop = amazing results

The Internet loves Chris Pratt, so Chris Pratt is giving the Internet some love back. He posted a request to fans to come up with his new Facebook header image for a chance to have their name featured and maybe a nice dinner at Applebee’s. The hilarious results did not disappoint.

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honest brand logos get real

We see re-imagined logos all the time. Whether they're Game of Thrones themed, NFL themed, Disney themed, the list goes on and on, but these logos are a bit different. Graphic designer Jo Sabin recreated some of the most well known brand logos, to represent what he believes the companies are really known for. He definitely 'nailed' IKEA as they certainly make you screw everything together!

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Friday, July 31, 2015
tender is the new tinder

For some, love comes in the form of tall dark and handsome. For others, love comes in the form of medium well with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. Let's be honest - there's a lot to love about food and people have a real passion for it which is why Tender is a dream come true for all foodies out there.

With the basic underpinnings of Tinder, Tender serves up food photography and gives people the opportunity to swipe left to trash the recipe and right to save it. All recipes are then saved in your "cookbook". But what we love so much about this super simple and convenient app - it serves up food ideas that may never have crossed your mind.

We give this two thumbs up and a YUM!

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3D printing madness used in a highly unusual way

3D printing continues to blow out minds.

Danit Peleg, a recent grad from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design decided to go BIG for her final design project - and made an entire fashion line using only 3D printed materials. The result? Super beautiful designs that actually move quite nicely. The clincher? She knew nothing about 3D printing prior to this project!

We're hoping that Danit got herself an A+!

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mcfly finally has his equipment

We all knew this day would come…the day when Back to The Future trilogy would come alive for realzzz. Leave it to Lexus to introduce the first hoverboard called, The Slide. The board works using magnetic levitation and nitrogen-cool superconductors. We have no idea what that even means, but how awesome does THAT sound?!

So why Lexus? Well, the piece is made using the same materials as Lexus cars.

We want one!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
condoms done brilliantly

Condoms. Ahhhhh condoms. A necessary evil that unfortunately doesn't feel all that...ahemmmm..."natural." Sure brands preach endlessly about the variety of sensations that condoms provide (_______for her pleasure) but the Okamoto brand brilliantly delivers their product benefit in a highly....umm...relevant way. These are a MUST watch.

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what's round, white and carries 3 million bacteria?

Love beer pong? Yea, us too.

As much fun as it can be, however, have you ever stopped to consider how many germs you're ingesting by playing, especially if it's outside? Here's a fun party fact: 3 MILLION bacteria can live on the ball!

No fear, there's a satisfactory solution that will keep your favorite drinking game in tact - Sip Cup is an insert that fits snuggly in Red Solo Cups. The inserts allow for beer to sit at the bottom without the ball actually touching the liquid. Simple, but BRILLIANT.

So now riddle us this: do you really think frat boys are counting the germs on the ping pong balls? Things that make you go, hmmmmmmmm.

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photo chicken bucket art. it's a thing.

Welp, can you believe it? It's been 60 (count them, 6-0) years that KFC has been in Canada. And to celebrate, KFC is letting consumers document their precious memories in a highly unusual way - by using the iconic bucket as a photo printer!

You read that right. Consumers can snap a photo, connected it to the bucket via Bluetooth and PRESTO! Photo chicken bucket art.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
this radio ad could save your life

If you're one of the asshats who do not feel compelled to put their cellphone down while driving after seeing stat after stat, news article and news article, or scary commercial after scary commercial, then this radio ad is for you. Toyota created a BRILLIANT radio ad in Sweeden that speaks to Siri on your phone to do what all the drivers around you wish they could do when they see you swerving all over the place. Totally worth the watch!

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