Friday, October 24, 2014
tales of the soupernatural

Your mother always told you not to play with your food. Well, this Halloween, Campbell's Soup is telling you the exact opposite. On their Can Costume site, kids can print out a variety of ghoulish labels designed to fit their favorite Campbell's soup can. The result? It'll look like you're hoarding cans of Mummy Bandages and Mad Scientist Potion instead of Chicken Noodle. Just watch out for the MSG - pretty spooky stuff.

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cussin' for feminism

Don't you just love cute little kids? Don't you love when kids play dress-up? Don't you love when kids play dress-up and start swearing like sailors on behalf of the plight of women in modern-day America? We do, too. Check out this new video from the hilariously-named group FCKH8.

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sitting down with the old spice robot

When it comes to the title of Randomest & Quirkiest Brand, no one's touching Old Spice. The folks that brought you "I'm on a horse" have introduced a new sports talk show, 4th and Touchdown, featuring various NFL stars interviewing the bizarre, text-to-type voiced, humanoid robot from their recent TV commercials. The results are pretty great.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014
the creepiest ikea ever

While walking through Ikea looking for a night stand for under $30 we've all thought, "I could legitimately live here." Well, you probably won't think that anymore after you watch the special Halloween ad they put together this year. Somehow they managed to capture the creepiness originally from Kubrick. This does open up some interesting ideas... Ikea Haunted House... Hmmmm.

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spooky snickers

Spooky ads are a staple of the Halloween season. Since retailers seem to have forgot that it, and Thanksgiving, even exist any more, let's all take a moment to enjoy some head twisting parody action provided by Snickers. Enjoy.

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the normal gap

Let's imagine the pitch room when the Gap execs heard that their new campaign was going to be all about being normal. Feels weird, right? They want to show you what that means with a bunch of black and white commercials where random stuff happens.

In the words of the Gap's very own CMO to Digiday, "Dress Normal is about dressing in a way that reflects your own style and celebrating the confidence that comes with that. We aren’t defining ‘normal,’ We’re defining ‘Dress Normal.’” Are you confused yet?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
agency pays employees for perspective

Any of us that have traveled somewhere amazing knows that feeling you get when you return home. That tiny change in perspective, a feeling of inspiration, an awakening that stays with you no matter how quickly (or aggressively) you're thrown back into the doldrums of daily life.

thinkParallax, a California creative agency, understands this and wanted each of their employees to have that exact experience in hopes it would drive their creativity even further. To make it happen they gave each of their employees $1,500 to travel to somewhere they've never been. The only catch is they had to blog about it.

It sure would be nice if this became the norm. It's a simple concept that's likely very effective... at least until that vacation buzz completely wears off at the first client "make the logo bigger" moment.

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giant boobs

Did that get your attention? We all know boobies have a lot of power, but exactly how much we're about to find out...

Sarafan Advertising is launching mobile billboards in Russia, but before they launched, they wanted to prove that billboards are an effective means of advertising. Seems like a sound strategy so far, right? Welp, to prove it they put a set of fantastic boobies on 30 billboards and drove them around Moscow for a day. And this is where things went awry...

The power of the boobies caused 500 accidents in ONE DAY and lots of angry drivers (in need of a cold shower) to threaten lawsuits against the agency.

Hey, at least they proved their "point" right? Get it? Point, nipples? Boobs? BOOOOOOOOBIES. Yeeah, apparently they never gets old.

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tag, you won a Volkswagen

Sometimes as marketers we rack our brains on how to make a real-life experience inherently social... and then campaigns like this come out and we smack our heads thinking, why didn't I think of that?

To make test drives of their new Polo more social, Volkswagen created a brilliant game of social tag. Polos were driven through 3 cities in South Africa on specific routes laid out on Twitter. When consumers spotted the Polo they could tag it on Twitter and test drive the car until the next person tagged it. The person that drove it the longest without being tagged won the car at the end.

The result? One happy winner, a cool experience for the hundreds that drove the car, and thousands and thousands of impressions on social media for those not able to experience it first hand. Smart.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
wrap it before you tap it

When you practice safe sex, you refuse to get frisky without a condom. Which means you'll have to figure out some new things to do while naked. You know, things like puzzles. And knitting. For more ideas for your nude abstinence session, consult this new TV campaign for Aides.

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