Thursday, December 18, 2014
a hootie holiday

Tired of having the same old fireplace video playing on your tv while you open neatly wrapped socks this holiday? Well, Hootsuite is here to save the day with a 40 minute video of an owl in front of a fireplace. It's sort of relaxing really. Almost... hypnotic...

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johnnie's history walk

Is that Rumplestiltskin talking about whiskey? Yes, and wow does he do it well. The single shot video is a seriously well done little history lesson on why the bottle is square, the label askew, and where it all started. Well written, entertaining, and subtitled for those of us that can barely understand the Scottish accent. Bravo Walker's.

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subscription vlogs are coming to town

You've been on youtube once or twice, right? Eventually one just learns to tune out the ads, click the skip button and go about watching the video of news bloopers or spider dog. What if you could get rid of the ads all together? Would you pay to make that happen? Vessel sure wants you to. They are luring your favorite youtube stars over to their platform for early access to their content. Sounds familiar, right? Well that is because it comes from a former hulu exec.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Google, a year in confusion

Every year at about this time Google releases it's year in search video, recapping the most searched topics of the year. A charity organization capitalized on this with an incredibly brilliant spin. Without giving anything away, you'll be incredibly confused, then bam, it hits you. Super powerful.

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stock photography you'll actually love... seriously. Let's face it, 90-something % of stock photography is crap. This is not crap. This is beautiful. This is Photos for Life and it consists of stock photography featuring real-life cancer survivors living very fulfilling lives, thus proving cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. All profits from the use of these images goes to the Rak'n'Roll Win Your Life Foundation to finance therapy for cancer patients.

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covers so good, even Shazam believes

When you hear cover band you don't exactly think of brilliant marketing, however, the Dutch cover band Allstars is apparently so damn good they launched a campaign called The World's Best Cover Band showing how they fooled Shazam into identifying their covers as the actual original artist. Silly, but perfect for a little cover band trying to make some dough!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014
deck your beard with boughs of holly

Or just use these Beard Baubles to turn your face into a Christmas tree. In case you didn’t notice, tis the season to grow out your facial hair. And Grey London is capitalizing on the trend. The Beard Baubles were originally created as gifts, but since there are so many bearded folks out there that were interested, Grey decided to sell them online. Of course since it’s also the season of giving, all sales go to Beard Season to help fight melanoma.

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no sh*t...

Well, yes exactly that. Shit. In case you were wondering, Cards Against Humanity’s protest against Black Friday was legit. To recap, Cards Against Humanity removed all products from their website during Black Friday and only sold boxes of “Bullshit.” A lot of people thought it was some sort of hoax or trick, but that didn’t stop 30,000 of them from purchasing bull poo. Yes, literally Bull shit. Purchasers started getting their boxes this week and if you ordered this in hopes of getting something else, too bad, you should have listened. There were no asterisks involved. Thank you Cards Against Humanity for being true to your word.

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put your box in someone else’s luggage

That’s what start-up, Carry, is trying to get you to do. The idea: forgo insane shipping costs and send your goods with a stranger. Sounds a little sketchy, but the idea is actual pretty smart. Through a peer-to-peer platform, Carry will pair you up with someone that’s traveling to the same destination and have them deliver your package. It's a way to save money for the shipper and earn money for the courier. Sure there are some obstacles that will need to be overcome, you can read more here, but if they’re able to address these issues Carry could be the next big thing in shipping.

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Monday, December 15, 2014
nikon misses the mark

Nikon unveils their new "I AM Generation Image" campaign, but fails to understand that the Instagram Generation they're targeting does not use cameras! There's no question that smartphone cameras suck. No matter how huge they get or how many megapixels they have, most of your photos looks like poorly lit, out of focus crap. I would LOVE for my iPhone to take Nikon-quality photos, but am I willing to purchase a Nikon just for better photos to plaster all over social media? The answer is no simply because of the convenience your smartphone provides. No additional equipment to lug around, instant upload capabilities to any social network in the world, and oh yeah, no additional dollars. Unfortunately, I think Nikon needs to appeal more to a niche consumer more interested in quality photos than selfies.

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