Thursday, April 17, 2014
stalking the most interesting man

Dos Equis has decided to unleash The Most Interesting Man in The World on... the world. They have sent him out to the farthest reaches of civilization to check-in on foursquare. Does The Man get jet lagged? Does he have a time machine to check-in in Rio de Janeiro in 1961 before the founders of foursquare were even born? Why isn't he sharing this technology?! Go ahead and stalk him on the location based social network and see if you can get the answers.

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good coffee isn't really that important

Nothing starts off the morning like a good cup of single origin, dark roast coffee. You are probably sipping a blend of deliciously roasted beans right now. You know what probably isn't in that tumbler... Maxwell House. As it turns out, the big blue can doesn't care that you think their java sucks. All they really want is to make coffee that is passable.

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our robot overlords are here

Once upon a time phones didn't have more than 512kb of memory, touch screens, or realistic voices that would reply when you call it horrible things and say it is useless. But then, one fateful day, we created the smartphone. A devise that change the way we think, navigate, and avoid eye contact with strangers on the train. And now Samsung has changed the game once again by creating tiny robots that have mega storage capacity for smartphones that can easily hold a record number of selfies. Is this a plot to enslave the human race from our future robot overlords, or just a clever marketing ploy?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Chatroulette saves lives

Ok, we need a little suspension of disbelief here... Chatroulette still exists. Ok, now that we're over that, check out this awesome Chatroulette campaign from VCCP in Spain.

They set up a good looking woman to hang out on Chatroulette and engage men who were clearly ready and willing to expose themselves for her. She eggs them on, getting them all excited, and then bam, hits them with a powerful (mood-killing) message: if you're willing to to show your junk to millions of people, why not show them to your doctor? The point being that "testicular cancer is the second most common cancer among men between 15 and 45 years old, and 95% of cases detected on time can be cured without problems."


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a texting tragedy

Anti texting and driving PSAs have gotten a ton of buzz over the last couple of years, particularly the ones that are graphically horrific, showing teens lives end in terrible car crashes. This one from Honda, however, does a great job getting the point across in a deep and meaningful way, without being graphically horrific. Very simple, but smart and effective.

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Dove's "real" beauty doesn't seem so real

Everything Dove does in their long-running "campaign for real beauty" gets a ton off buzz, both positive and negative. But regardless of the sentiment of the buzz, they've all seemed pretty genuine... up until this latest experiment.

Dove gathered a handful of unsuspecting women and hired a professional to convince them to try a new "self esteem" patch, that much like the nicotine patch, doses you with self esteem throughout the day. The women were then asked to keep a video blog during the 2 week experiment to see how their self esteem is affected.

As expected (spoiler alert), they see a noticeable difference in their self esteem throughout the 2 weeks, only to find out, the patch is fake.

While the moral of the story is sincere and accurate (how we feel is completely in our heads), the experiment seems completely fake. Are we supposed to believe that these otherwise seemingly smart women bought into this nonsense? And if they did, are these women a true representation of most women? It's just a tough pill to swallow... or should I say, patch to wear?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
brands jump on Tax Day

From April’s Fool’s Day to Pi Day, there is virtually no “holiday” brands won't exploit. We can’t complain too much when they involve steep discounts and freebies. Whether or not you’re getting a return on your taxes, you can use Tax Day as an excuse to get some deals at these restaurants and stores today, April 15.

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a printer you can take anywhere

While most technology is advancing at a rapid pace, traditional printers seem to be stuck in the past. That is, 'til Zuta Labs decided to re-imagine the product, developing a Mini Mobile Robotic Printer. Described “like a Roomba that squirts ink,” this little guy will fit in the palm of your hand, and can travel with you anywhere!

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Snapchat goes loco

Taco Bell certainly knows its demographic. The chain is announcing the latest in the Doritos Locos Taco line with a four to six-minute-long Snapchat movie. The movie will feature a cast of Vine and Snapchat "influencers," and was developed using Snapchat's Stories feature. Taco Bell has long been considered a pioneer in Social Media marketing, and it looks as though that won’t be changing any time soon.

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Monday, April 14, 2014
a devise to ride your ass

Ah, the freelance life. What a dream. You're responsible for your own output. You're you're own man/woman. Nobody tells you what to do. And you just spent the entire morning on Reddit. Wouldn't it be great if you had a little virtual supervisor to nudge you into working every now and then? Sure it would. Introducing Naggy… er, Bossy, the low-profile, high-tech answer to all the annoying things you worked so hard to get away from.

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