Thursday, July 02, 2015
syfy out of ideas? to the internet!

What happens when you run out of ideas for stuff to do? You go on the internet and type things into a search engine until something interesting pops up, or you go to reddit and contemplate r/showerthoughts. Well, SyFy might be out of ideas too, so they are going to the internet to source material for their new TV series based on a short story called "Candle Cove" that originated from creepypasta. Good luck with that SyFy.

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giant penis, confetti, beach

What are 'Things that you'll only see in Norway,' Alex. That is correct! A giant penis spraying confetti on beachgoers is the latest PSA put on by sex education charity RFSU in Norway with their ad agency Involve! in order to promote condom use. What was the tagline for the campaign, you didn't ask? "Tiss kan overraske," which translates "Penis can surprise you." It certainly can.

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colonel comic at the con

Colonel Sanders has been coming back in a big way. A little while ago he took over the KFC twitter for some old fashioned style communication, they've revitalized their commercials, and are now getting in to the comic book game. The chicken purveyor is producing a limited comic for distribution at NY Comic Con that may include ghosts as the cover suggests. The Colonel himself declaired on the KFC Facebook page, "If you love comics and fried chicken and subliminal marketing, then you’ll love this free exclusive #SDCC comic about me."

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015
as real as advertising gets

Instead of spending mega bucks on an elaborate photoshoot with fancy models, only to end up with completely artificial looking ads no one can relate to, Loews Hotel did something much more genuine, and much more powerful.

With the help of their agency, Catch New York, they culled through loads of Instagram images posted by real guests while they were staying at their hotels to comprise their "Travel for Real" ad campaign. The ads are incredibly likable, giving people a great sense of what it's really like to experience their hotel, while instilling trust.

So simple, so nice!

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making grammar relevant

Having a tough time remembering all them pesky grammar rules from your school days, but have no problem reciting lines from any one of your favorite TV shows, movies, songs, or books? Well does Pop Chart Lab have a solution for you.

This handy dandy little chart (zoomable for your viewing pleasure) serves as a grammar cheat sheet by putting their definitions in context with various pop culture references so you'll never forget.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
who's celebrating marriage equality besides us?

History was made last Friday and we couldn't be happier for it! Marriage equality was celebrated across the nation and big name brands were no exception!

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a dam good execution

Who needs IMAX when you can use the Hoover Dam as a projection screen! Freightliner, a truck manufacturer, used the iconic dam (and 60 projectors at 1.17 million lumens) to feature an audiovisual presentation that highlights the company’s history.

Why the Hoover Dam? Welp, according to David Giroux, a representative from Freightliner’s parent company Daimler Trucks North America, “The Hoover Dam is a wonderful example of ingenuity, but also emphasizes the role of trucks within the U.S. economy.”

Fair point…and cool execution!

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ping your brain to achieve your zen

Let’s face it, marketing and advertising is harrrrrrd on our brains and our psyche! You put on the calming music, or do a little desk yoga – but be real – it don’t work. Hold up- there’s hope yet. Thync headset, a neuro-simulative wearable is designed to gain calm and/or energy! The headset uses electrical currents to ping the brain (at least that’s the best we can understand) to achieve the desired outcome. Oh, and naturally it’s control panel is your Smartphone. Sounds like the effects vary, but if they can figure out how to calm all of us nutty advertisers down – well – that’s a million dollar idea!

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Friday, June 26, 2015
“make love, not ads”

As we are all well aware – it’s Cannes week (sigh – wishing we were there) and a lot of the expected is happening: fashion statements, boozy parties and gratuitous use of marketing buzzwords. But what wasn’t expected is this couple who decided to get it on, on the Cannes Lions famous red carpet under the “Will See You In The MORNING!” sign.

Even better are the social media responses to this ballsy act of luuurve (pun intended).

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brand evolution at its finest

There’s always risk involved when a well-known brand decides to change its logo. We’ve seen it go verrrrrrry bad. But we’ve also seen it go exceedingly well. Here are some examples of brands that successfully evolved their logos to stay contemporary while managing to maintain their equity. Want more? Here's the full list.

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